My Journey…

I could say that my wellness journey officially started back in 2021, but through some reflection I had realized it was actually back in 2017. It started with my father’s illness that prompted me to really start assessing my own life and my own personal wellness.

Since then, I’ve progressed in several areas of my own wellbeing. The journey has not been easy as there have been many obstacles to overcome to get where I am today. From the loss of loved ones, working to understand what happened to my marriage, to the fear of starting over in a new job, and reflecting on my childhood up to adulthood.

As I continue this journey, I work on rediscovering myself. I go on Solo Discoveries where I’m able to mix both of my passions, travel and photography. While traveling, I’m able to realign with my purpose when I feel that life is getting a bit chaotic and I need to re-focus. Photography helps me be present in the actual moment and focus on what I’m seeing right in front of my eyes.

My journey will continue because wellness to me is a constant state of being. It’s all tied to an over arching goal of balanced happiness in multiple facets of my life.

While I learn from my past, I stay present in today while looking onward to the future.

- James